Own Your Glow masterfully traces the inner journeys women take to come into [or manifest] their own power. Latham Thomas’s book offers us the roadmaps—rituals, habits, and practices—with the wisdom and soul-stated clarity of Clarissa Pinkola Estés, tracing stories that awaken, ignite, and guide. Own Your Glow is honey for the heart of every woman—a true gift. Latham Thomas is a sage for our age.
— Sarah Lewis, Harvard Professor and Author of the bestseller, The Rise
Being uniquely yourself is a blessing and responsibility and Latham leads readers to take discover, embrace and take charge of their unique gifts and imprint the
world with their magic.
— Bozoma Saint John, Global Business Executive
 " Being uniquely yourself is a blessing and responsibility and Latham leads readers to take discover, embrace and take charge of their unique gifts and imprint the world with their magic ". -Bozoma Saint John, Global Business Executive
Latham is everything to me, a real life unicorn. In OWN YOUR GLOW she dishes her priceless wisdom and makes it accessible for everyone.
I’m so glad we all get a taste of her magic.
— Luvvie Ajayi, NY Times Bestselling author of, I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual
In Own Your Glow Latham reminds us that we are the designers of our own lives and to inject personal style and personality into everything we touch.  This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to tap into that inner glow.
— Danielle and Jodie Snyder co-founders of Dannijo
Danielle and Jodie Snyder
Morin Oluwole
In an ever fast moving world that stretches the limits of “having it all’, Latham Thomas reminds us that we should have no guilt in exploring what energizes us and deciding to live for us, not just for the world. Latham shows that the embracing the freedom to explore and define a personal vision and translating this into passion-filled action are key steps to living a confidence-filled and glow-full life.
— Morin Oluwole, Head of Luxury FACEBOOK
Latham Thomas studies history, language, science, anatomy and ancient rituals for her practice. Whether she’s conducting workshops, writing a life changing book like “Own Your Glow” or guiding a birth Latham arrived with both humility and great authority. She always makes space for others to empower themselves, to learn more—about themselves, each other and the interconnectedness of it all.
— Dream Hampton, writer, filmmaker, activist
Dream Hampton
Mara Brock Akil
Go, go, go, do, do, do!” “Superwoman,” “Be ten times better,” “Strong black woman”… all of this messaging hit me out of the womb and was immediately modeled by other “strong black women.”  After swimming in a sea of ambition I have often found myself rudderless in a time when I know my source of strength comes from within, from being still, from self-care and slowing down… Glow Maven bridges that awareness to the next appointed action of self-care... because for some of us we need to be spoon fed how to care for ourselves when our autopilot is “I’m fine.”
— Mara Brock Akil - Creator/ShowRunner of Girlfriends, The Game and Being Mary Jane
As working mothers, it can sometimes feel like we’re just trying to make it through the day, checking things off a never-ending to-do list. In OWN YOUR GLOW, Latham offers us a blueprint for striving to be our best while remembering to be present and nurture ourselves, so we can relish our success and the many (crazy, wonderful!) days that lead us there.
— Daphne Oz, Emmy Award-winning Television Host and New York Times Bestselling Author
Daphne Oz
Opal Tometi.jpg
Own Your Glow is a soulful guide to personal transformation! Latham reminds us that central to showing up for our loved ones and our world, is showing up for ourselves. This intimate work is what we each need in order to contribute at our highest level. Self-care is a life-long commitment, and Latham provides the strategies and tools to support us
along our distinctive paths.
— Opal Tometi, Human Rights Advocate, Co-founder Black Lives Matter
In OWN YOUR GLOW, Latham Thomas shatters the glass ceiling and outlines the pathway of true success. For generations feminine power has been suppressed, this book is the pathway to reclaim your feminine and discover your inner power. Bravo.
— Mastin Kipp, best-selling author of Daily Love: Growing into Grace and Claim Your Power.
Own Your Glow is the just the indulgent trip inward we need to dust off the cobwebs and embody the luminous royalty we can actually become and enjoy if we dare. I want to glow like Latham so I’m going for it. Join in!
— Tara Stiles, founder of Strala, Author of Guiding Strala
“Own your Glow” unlocks the secret to true style. It starts from the inside out & Latham has found a way to guide you in tapping into your inner confidence that one needs to be  captivating, convincing and concur some of life’s biggest obstacles. Style is more than a fashionable outfit you put on. It’s your voice, a strong sense of awareness. This book simply will help you glow up in style.
— June Ambrose, Celebrity Stylist and Designer, Author of Effortless Style
Glow on. This book will allow you to do just that. Glow on. Through your good days and even your bad days. Glowmaven, LathamThomas breaks down the anatomy of our glow and provides us with the keys to unlock that power in each of us. Here’s a tip - read it with post-it notes and highlighters. You will want to revisit it time and time again.
— Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter
I. Love. This. Book! It’s well written, warm, and full bodied. Latham is a brilliant blend of down-to-earth wisdom, high intuition, and the intellect to explain it all. She’s the real deal.
— India.Arie grammy award winning singer/ songwriter / teacher
Latham Thomas is the auntie we all wish we had and the keeper of the wisdom of womanhood that gives rise to a nation.
— Tamika Mallory, co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington
Mesmerizing and practical, Own Your Glow is the most important read for any woman courageous enough to uncover, capture and leverage her feminine power to
make a dent in the world.
— Tiffany Dufu, Chief Leadership Officer at LEVO, Catalyst for Women & Girls and Author of  Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less
Being a wife and mother while balancing your career requires a lot of preparation, and often as women we prep everything except for ourselves! Latham reminds us of the importance of mentally preparing yourself on a regular basis, while owning your GLOW in order to restore your drive and confidence. This book is a must-read for all women, as it walks us through the importance of knowing our strengths and maintaining our spirituality.
— Valeisha Butterfield Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of WEEN
Own Your Glow is a book that challenges us to examine ourselves and become stewards
of our life’s mission.
— Sandra L. Richards, Award-Winning Author of Rocks and Rice & Global Business Executive